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Empoder Girls Code


Empoder Girls Code focuses on increasing the diversity pipeline in tech by engaging local underrepresented (girls, minorities and low-income) students from an early age through comprehensive high quality summer and year-round computer-science education (CSed) programs. We outreach to the local low-income community to actively recruit, engage and train students that have minimal exposure to tech and thus have not previously considered a career in computer-science. In this way, we are preparing a new generation of talent that will substantially increase and diversify the tech pipeline.

With support from a 2015 Google Rise Award, and through partnerships with school districts and local tech companies, we have implemented and piloted a pipeline of CSEd programs that have served over 210 students from Silicon Valley in 2015:

  • 95% of our students qualified for free or reduced lunch
  • 97% of our students are Hispanic
  • 96% of our high-school students are the 1st in their family to go to college

To effectively prepare students from nontraditional backgrounds for success in tech, we have developed and piloted a pipeline of programs that prepare students with a comprehensive foundation in computer-science from 6th-12th grade. These programs include:

  • Empower Girls through Code Summer Immersion Program (4-weeks for middle school students and 7-weeks for high-school students). Our flagship program is intended to engage students through projects in web and mobile app development, and programmable electronics (Arduino).
  • Empower Girls through Code Middle School Prep – (Year-round, meets weekly before school for 1.5 hours/week). We have developed a unique comprehensive 3-year curriculum that teaches computer programming and computer-science principles in a manner that complements middle school math curriculum and aligns with common core standards.
  • Empoder AP Computer Science Prep – (Year-round, meets twice a week in the evenings at a local tech company). In partnership with engineers from Google and Kahn Academy, we have developed a unique curriculum for preparing students to successfully take and pass the AP CS exam.
    • 100% of students from our pilot program plan to enroll in AP Computer-Science next year. This will increase the percentage of Hispanics in AP Computer Science at Los Altos High School from 1%  to 12% in one year.


After participating in our programs:

  • 92%-100% of students choose to study computer-science in school (compared to 8-12% of students before the program)
  • 96%-100% of students are more likely to choose a career in computer-science or engineering

Impact by the Numbers

% of our students qualified for free or reduced lunch
% of our students are Hispanic
% of our high-school students are the 1st in their family to go to college

Sights of Spring

“I never in a million years would have ever imagined I would be interested in something related to computers, much less computer programming! I hated computers and video games. But through this class I learned the beauty of writing code and all the things you can do with it. And now I find it fascinating! I love it! ”

Leo Gonzalez, 13 years old, Empoder Student