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After School Programs

East Palo Alto, California


Our after school program is aimed at engaging and preparing students in STEM from an early age. We have partnered with Ravenswood School District in East Palo Alto, California to transform their state sponsored after-school program into a STEM-based program that emphasizes rigorous engineering and computer science curriculum for students in grades 3-8.

Through our after-school program, students will learn valuable 21st century skills including coding, app and website development, robotics, programmable electronics and engineering design. All curriculum has been developed to align with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards for education to support what students learn during the day.


In the fall and winter of 2014-2015, Empoder will begin piloting its after-school program in 3-5 of the elementary and middle schools in Ravenswood School District (and eventually to all 7 schools). Students from Ravenswood School District are 78% Latino, 10% African-American and 10% Pacific Islander. 90% of students from Ravenswood are considered low-income. 

To help support our after-school program, we are partnering with Stanford University and with technology companies in Silicon Valley that reside near East Palo Alto, California. Our goal is recruit volunteers from Stanford and the tech industry to help lead and facilitate after-school activities related to STEM. In this way the wealth of tech talent in Silicon Valley can help empower students in one of the lowest income cities in the area.

If you are interested in volunteering as part of Empoder’s after-school program in East Palo Alto, CA, please Contact Us.

Impact by the Numbers

% of students in Ravenswood School District are Latino
% of students in Ravenswood School District are African-American
% of students in Ravenswood School District are Pacific Islander
% of students from Ravenswood are considered low-income

Sights of Summer 2015

“For the first time in my son’s life, I see him excited about what he’s learning. He comes home and won’t stop talking about the different things he learned during the day. He’s been bored in school his entire life. But now he’s engaged, he’s excited and it’s beautiful.”

Cesar Luis Espinoza, Parent of Empoder Student